NeverDark - safety lighting

Moonlight – safety lighting


Safety entirely without energy and without illuminants

Hardly distinguishable from the standard design, yet with a crucial difference! And you do not notice the benefit of this difference until the emergency – without any electricity, our NEVERDARK safety lights shed a pleasant basic light which becomes an orientation guide in the dark in case of a power failure. Depending on their arrangement, these lights can outline the ideal escape route. Combined with according signs, an ideal synergy effect is achieved.

All Moonlights are available with this NEVERDARK safety feature. Additional safety that pays off in any case.


The four different sizes of the Moonlight basic collection are available with five different base solutions: Soil fixing for underground installation, screw-on base for firm surfaces, flexible base for terraces, yards and, of course, for indoor areas, a floating base for ponds, pools, lakes and the sea, as well as a suspended base for indoors/outdoors. 


Award for the Neverdark Production line

28th Innovation Price of the German Economy ( Deutsche Wirtschaft)


Moonlight has been awarded with the 28. Innovation Price in Silver for her recent innovation "Neverdark" in Januray 2008


 Safety without energy! As soon as the power failure happens the Neverdark light spreads its comfortable light up to 90 minutes, often brighter than most conventional emergency lighting.





  • Lights made of shatterproof PE material
  • Waterproof, sturdy an UV resistant
  • Withstands cold and heat from -40° to +80°C
  • Vast range of colors due to exchangeable color filters
  • Any Moonlight lamp can be transformed to an automatic light

NeverDark with energy

NeverDark without energy

NeverDark with energy

NeverDark without energy